Introducing the full featured print marketing platform that makes sending direct mail, collateral & gifts as easy as email.  PrintSF’s platform features tight integration with Salesforce + Salesforce-integrated marketing automation platforms to deliver high-impact tactile communications, time & cost savings, and closed loop reporting to measure & optimize investments in physical marketing.

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Lead Generation

Stop exporting and start streamlining lead generation direct mail campaigns with self-service personalization & proofing, delivery optimization & tracking + closed loop reporting.

  • Optimize Delivery & Reduce Waste with in-line address validation, de-dup, NCOA, plus presort postage discounts- all automated in Salesforce.
  • Personalize 1-to-1 & Proof Self-Service with dynamic personalization from Salesforce and real-time proof review & approval.
  • Track Delivery & Return Mail with follow up calls & emails triggered by delivery, plus suppression of future mailings to recipients with return mail.
  • Measure ROI with closed loop reports on Opportunity Campaign Influence, Pipeline Amount by Stage and Closed Opportunity Amount.
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Prospect & Nurture

Turn cold calls into warm calls, get more appointments & nurture to close faster by sending memorable in hand touches with follow up calls triggered & timed to delivery.

  • Bypass gate keepers and spam folders and send highly personalized sales communications in seconds that get noticed and read.
  • Increase live connects and appointments with a timed follow up call triggered by direct mail delivery tracking.
  • Wake up Gone Dark Opportunities not responding to email & voice mail with an in-hand “digital interrupter”, sent in clicks or triggered as nurture touches.
  • Strengthen recruiting & reduce sales team turn over with a proven prospecting system that fosters sales team success.
  • Empower sales leadership with reports and dashboards to hold sales accountable and measure prospecting success & ROI.

Loyalty & Retention

You know it’s “cheaper to keep ’em”, so start recognizing & rewarding customers with valued, in-hand touches to thank new customers and show you care across holidays, birthdays, anniversaries & key occasions.

  • Automate multi-touch loyalty campaigns for cards, letters & gifts sent on pre-defined dates or triggered from Salesforce + Marketing Cloud, Pardot & more.
  • Create fully-branded templates to say Thank You, Welcome, Happy Birthday, Seasons Greetings, Happy Anniversary and to ask for referrals.
  • Personalize every touch with 1:1 recipient & sender content dynamically rendered including variable sender info, images, messages & languages.
  • Optimize deliverability with de-dup, address verification & NCOA, plus delivery tracking & return mail tracking – all integrated and actionable in Salesforce.
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Notify, Remind & Renew

Trigger & send in-hand customer service communications for reminders, renewals, expirations or any customer notification – personalized 1:1 and tracked to delivery.

  • Automate & trigger from Salesforce + Salesforce-integrated marketing automation platforms like Marketing Cloud, Pardot & more.
  • Personalize 1:1 with highly advanced variable data options & dynamic content mapped to any Salesforce data.
  • Track then trigger next steps with native Salesforce delivery tracking to easily trigger follow up or next steps.
  • Satisfy compliance with native records maintained indefinitely in Salesforce on every send, including date mailed & delivered.

Event Marketing

Simplify repetitive event direct mail marketing with template driven invites & announcements easily customized per event, personalized per recipient, then proofed and mailed to Salesforce Campaigns, Reports or spreadsheets in minutes.

  • Customize Invites & Announcements with variable event details via custom web forms without graphic design steps, then proof and submit.
  • Stop exporting and optimize delivery in Salesforce with mail list de-dup, address validation, NCOA & return mail tracking inside Salesforce.
  • Use offline to take them online with QR codes and event registration URLs dynamically featured in invites & announcements.

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Collateral On-Demand

Marketing works hard to create valuable marketing collateral, so make sure you’re getting the most from your investment with our powerful collateral tools.

  • Self-service customization and ordering for your sales, marketing & partner teams.
  • Delivered in print, PDF download or via email link, with fulfillment options configured per template.
  • On-demand fulfillment means no inventory or obsolescence cost, with shipments tracked to delivery in Salesforce.
  • Reduce load on marketing team from field requests for collateral versioning with self service customization of collateral with automated enforcement of brand standards.
  • Closed loop reporting in SFDC on who’s ordering what, which collateral’s popular, plus cost center reporting & more.

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