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AppExchange Podcast Interview with PrintSF

How to Break Through The Digital Clutter "Today your prospects and customers are buried in over 3000 digital messages daily across email, social, and on-line ads.  There's just too much digital clutter and noise - they are inundated.  But direct mail or tactile marketing - putting something physical in their hands - is a quiet channel that gets you noticed.  It's high impact, and with Salesforce plus PrintSF it's easily automated."  - Mark Cira, PrintSF Danny Ryan from ThreeWill interviews Mark Cira, PrintSF Founder, for the AppExchange Podcast. In this interview they discuss how using the PrintSF App helps sales, marketing and service teams send Direct Mail, Collateral & Gifts directly from Salesforce. As Mark explains, sending physical marketing can be as easy as email and creates personalized connections across the entire customer journey. Full transcript is provided below compliments of the ThreeWill AppExchange Podcast. TRANSCRIPT: Danny:                  Hi. This is Danny Ryan, and welcome to the AppExchange Podcast. Today I’ve got Mark Cira with me from PrintSF. Mark, thanks for joining me today. Mark:                    Absolute pleasure, Danny, and thanks for the invite. Danny:                  You betcha. Your product, I’m really excited about learning more about it, has to do with I think a key thing that most organizations are going to want to have, which is getting real collateral to customers from Salesforce data. I guess just here to get started, can you just give me an overview of what your product is? Mark:                    Sure. As it says on the screen there, we make direct mail, collateral, and gifts easy as e-mail. The use cases by our customers span all different categories, but mostly it’s the typical buckets of helping organizations generate leads or be more effective at prospecting, loyalty and retention, event marketing, and so on. Today, [...]

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